Phased Home Construction System

    For all those who are constructing houses may have found it to be a very expensive venture that really consumes money.  This construction may in room additions to the existing house or a phased approach of a constructing a family house. A new room may be put up for entertaining guests or establishing a home office for your work. In general room addition offers a great solution to the problem of inadequate space in staggered spending fashion rather than starting a whole structure at once and leave it midway when you have run out of funds.

Room Additions

Nevertheless, a room addition is has its own fair share of troubles. The major one being  an increased cost on investment. As it is a rule of thumb in economies of scale, where it is cost effective to construct at once rather than splitting the project in phases. This should be the line of thought you should be thinking alone when you are putting up a house. You need to be clear what purpose your new room will serve. This will determine where its placement on the compound, it design of windows and the space of the room, for instance if you are putting up a home office, we don’t expect it design to be the same as that of a guest room, kitchen extension, or additional leaving room.  However always consider the years ahead so that there will be no need to modify the room again in the near future as this may be unnecessary cost.

It is therefor recommended to employ the services of a qualified architect who can help raft a plan for you to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve so that once the works on site have started the will be minimum or no interruption. An expert involvement at planning phase will help integrate new plan into current home layout and take into consideration of issue that may be unforeseen by an ordinary person. Architect has a good understanding of all technical aspects of these types of projects and may therefore save from the headache of planning.

After having clearly drafted the on paper, then it is usually proper to seek approval of the local authority in charge of physical planning incase it s not a continuation of the existing structure. Usually it is against the construction code to start any construction project without the consent from the authority. They must look at your and give their recommendation. This may come in handy at the point you will want to sell your property, it may require appraisal by the authority. So to avoid trouble always abide by the existing Law.